The mission of The Financial Wellness Group™ is to improve the financial strength of individuals, families, and the organizations they work for through sound financial education and financial wellness solutions. For more than a decade we have been training and providing financial wellness solutions based on our proprietary “4 Laws” principles. These principles break the complexity of money into four powerful, yet easy to implement steps that anyone can learn, remember, and prosper with.

The Financial Wellness Group is also dedicated to helping youth build healthy money attitudes and habits that will impact them for good throughout their lives. We have partnered with a major university to develop a financial literacy course for high school and college age students. This course won the national distance learning UCEA Distinguished Course Award. The “4 Laws” book, principles and online system are used by high school students located throughout the nation.

Our challenge and commitment to you as individuals, families, employers, associations, financial advisors and educators is to help you and those within your influence put money in its proper place and perspective. In this world filled with great pull to buy and have everything, may we remind you that your value and the value of those you associate with is not based on what you own, wear or drive. Money has a much greater purpose and power than what it typically is used for. It can be a contributor to greater health, happiness, peace of mind and strong relationships rather than a distraction from these things that matter most. We look forward to helping build greater financial strength, balance and peace of mind!

Start Building Financial Wellness Today

The Money Planner Package was created so that you can:
• Eliminate your debt, generally in half the time and save thousands in interest
• Take control of your money, building security and reducing stress
• Experience freedom by achieving your financial plans, hopes and dreams