USA Today

Workers' financial stress may hurt productivity
By Stephanie Armour

The financial stress piling up on employees due to an increase in home foreclosures and defaults on credit cards is having an impact on the workplace, potentially draining productivity and increasing emotional stress on the job.
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Employee Benefit News

Employers Raising the Bar on Financial Education
By Leah Carlson

Worried that unenlightened employees are harming their financial lives and not making the most of their benefits, some employers are taking bold new strides to educate their workers about retirement planning and personal finance…
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Workforce Management

More Employees Borrowing Against 401(k) Plans

Retirement plan participants are taking out loans on their investments at an accelerated rate jeopardizing their future assets, a leading Boston College researcher says.
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Financial Education Could Be the New Employee Assistance

70 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck; how many of your employees are among them? According to USA Today, the NUMBER ONE cause of stress on the job is worry over personal finances.
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Late loan payments highest since 1992

More Employees Borrowing Against 401(k) Plans

Borrowers fell behind on their car, home equity and home improvement loans in last three months of 2007 at a delinquency rate not hit since the early 1990s.
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