Your Privacy Is Important

When people are in a state of Financial Wellness, they are in control. They are confident and focused. They have the balance and security so they can focus on the most important things at hand.

• It is our policy not to sell your name, address, or any other information about you to
third parties for marketing or other purposes unless, you specifically authorize and
request information from one of our trusted service partners.
• We will never ask you for any information about yourself that is not needed for you to
enjoy the benefits of our services. During the sign up process we ask for contact
information such as your name, address, phone number and email address all of which
is collected for the purpose of our service and never forwarded to a third party unless
you specifically authorize and request information from our trusted service partners.
Also, you will be required to enter in billing information, all of which is kept secure and
used solely for our service.

For more information about security and privacy protection features, please contact customer service via email.